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The divorce rate in California currently stands at 72%, and San Diego's housing market is known for its high prices. The decision of whether or not to sell a family home during a divorce is a major financial consideration. There are various factors that can determine what the best course of action is for each individual couple. It's essential to carefully consider all of the financial implications associated with selling vs. keeping the house and to work with a qualified real estate agent and attorney to determine the best path forward.

In California divorce cases, selling the family home is often necessary as it is one of the most valuable assets. Choosing not to sell can be a risky decision for divorcing homeowners and can potentially lead to disastrous financial consequences in the future. If one spouse decides to keep the house after a divorce, both parties are exposed to significant and adverse financial risks such as liens, clouded title, mortgage or consumer credit decline, default, foreclosure, bankruptcy, and other post-divorce financial issues that can negatively impact their standard of living. Ultimately, every situation is unique, and it's important to weigh all of the options carefully before making any final decisions.



As a Real Estate Collaboration Specialist for Divorce, RCS-D™ REALTOR®, Monica Simone has received specialized training to handle divorce-related real estate and approach the sale of a house as a business transaction. She prioritizes the best interest of the house and ensures that each divorcing spouse equally benefits.

Monica and her team of experts conduct a thorough examination of all legal, financial, and emotional aspects involved in resolving a former family home.

They consider factors such as marital and separate property, title and joint tenancy, real estate assets, property valuation, house equity, tax deductions, post-divorce living standards, and emotional closure for mutual gain. The most up-to-date techniques in strategic home preparation are integrated to ensure the successful resale of the property in the shortest possible timeframe and for the highest possible price.

In addition, Monica's partners of professional legal and real estate-related individuals, such as family law attorneys, title companies, mortgage and financial experts, insurance advisors, and emotional/psychological professionals, all work towards the best interests of the house and each divorcing spouse. Monica is an essential resource for divorcing homeowners, as she effectively neutralizes and represents the conflicting interests of both parties. This is particularly crucial because, during the selling process, homeowners may find themselves at odds with each other and the sale itself.

Regardless of where you are in the divorce process - whether it's completed, just underway, or in progress - Monica can assist you in identifying the optimal options for a fair property settlement and a more stable financial future.

Learn the 6 biggest mistakes to avoid during divorce real estate and stay protected.

Navigating through a potential or existing divorce, or separation can be an emotional and uncertain journey. Monica has legal resources and partners available for those who require assistance with the legal aspects of the process. Download our free informational resource on making informed real estate decisions during divorce.
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What sets Monica apart as a real estate is her unique passion not only for real estate but also for assisting her clients in one of the most significant and challenging transitions of their lives - divorce.

As a compassionate and experienced agent, she comprehends the complexity involved in selling a property during a divorce and supports you in navigating the process with the utmost empathy and professionalism. Monica is professionally trained as a Real Estate Collaboration Specialist in Divorce - RCS-D™ to handle these emotionally charged transactions in the best interest of the house and each divorcing spouse.

She has extensive experience working with clients undergoing a divorce and acknowledges the particular challenges and sentiments that can surface during this time. Regardless of whether you want to sell your property expeditiously or take your time in finding the right buyer, Monica will assist you in making informed decisions and achieving the best possible outcome, even if a sale doesn't occur.

She is diligent about providing clear and transparent communication, so you are kept informed throughout the process. Her aim is to simplify the selling process as much as possible, allowing you to focus on progressing with your life. Divorce marks the end of one chapter of your life and the start of a new one. As a divorced single Mother of two, Monica deeply understands this and functions as your unbiased guide, allowing you to move on to your new journey ahead.

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Monica is a skilled negotiator with an extensive business and marketing background. She is tenacious and executes creative strategies to help her clients achieve their personal, financial, and real estate goals.

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